Microbiology Club

2017 Club President

2020 - 2021 Club Officers

President: Breanna Butler


Vice President: Alice Guo

Treasurer: Xavier Rodriguez

Secretary:  Katya Faber-Quimby

Social Coordinator:  Haley Sawyer

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Message from the President:

Hi everyone! My name is Breanna Butler and I am the Microbiology Club President for this year.

Despite the challenges that COVID-19 has presented, our club still aims to provide members a chance to explore microbiology and its applications. Members will be able to pursue their interests in the field of microbiology by doing some fun experiments at home, watching presentations on current microbiology research, interacting with peers (via zoom and/or socially distancing), and other activities that we decide on together along the way! Our goals for this year include making our own Winogradsky columns and making this year just as exciting as a normal year!

I hope all of you have a wonderful and safe year, and feel free to contact me through email with any questions or suggestions!

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Next Meeting: April 8th - Officer Elections 

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