Microbiology Club

2017 Club President

Current Club Officer

President: Rajan Mediratta


Vice President: Tommy Casart

Treasurer: Jessie Champagne

Secretary:  Tori Hinrichs

Welcome to the UNL Microbiology Club!

For club meeting dates, keep an eye on the Beadle Center Microbiology Monitor posts on the UNL Microbiology Twitter feed.

Message from the President:

I am Rajan Mediratta, the new Microbiology Club President. I am eager to meet all new and returning microbe enthusiasts.

Our meetings will consist of a wide variety of activities ranging from learning the applications of microbiology to local community outreach. This variety offers the possibilities of networking with UNL research professors, meeting other like-minded sutdents, available research opportunities, and service/volunteer hours. As the semester goes on, we will continue to find new and exciting ideas to explore.

See you all soon and do not hesitate to contact me!

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Club meeting dates:

N263 Beadle Center
4:30 - 5:30pm
Next Meeting: March, 2019 

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